At the heart of every Press Data service is a simple fundamental principle – to enable our customers to add value to their own communications activities through expert research and media knowledge.

Monitor, Measure and Advise is what we do – increasing the value and effectiveness of your work is the difference we make.

We monitor all news and comment across all media channels 24 hours a day, with an unrivalled pedigree of traditional research methods combined with the best global technology search solutions.
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In a media landscape that expands on a daily basis, our analysts filter and interpret the news and comment relevant to your organisation. From simple data analytics to complex message and brand analysis, we deliver a solution that fits your budget and maximises the value of your communications investment.
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With over two decades of experience at the leading edge of media monitoring and analysis, Press Data has unparalleled depth of knowledge of the key issues that impact upon communications professionals and the teams they lead. From recommendations on strategy development founded on hard analytical data to detailed copyright licensing advice, our expert consultancy supports you at every step.
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