• How do you demonstrate the effectiveness of your Communications Strategy?

  • What impact does media coverage have on your brand, your organisation or even your industry?

  • What can you do to protect the reputation and image of your organisation?

Press Data has two decades of experience in evaluating and analysing the media coverage of our clients. We specialise in qualitative and quantitative approaches that provide more than just a volume-based assessment on the impact the coverage.

We look at key issues and messages, target audiences and the outcomes that result from this, enabling you to focus on brand and reputation management and providing you with the data to improve your planning.

Our experienced team of analysts will deliver insight based upon metrics suitable to your business and communication goals. Our reporting will inform and enhance your strategy whilst demonstrating the effectiveness of your communications to your stakeholders, maximising the investment you make. We work across all media, from traditional print coverage to social media, deploying appropriate measurement tools
to provide meaningful analysis that will make a significant difference to your organisation.