The news environment in which many of our customers now find themselves
is the product of a 24 hour news landscape that is continuously fed by rolling television news, web-first newspaper publishing, newswires, Twitter and blogs.

For those organisations that operate at the sharp end of the media agenda,
our Breaking News service provides an unparalleled level of tactical support.
Online news and social media can have an immediate impact on your organisation’s reputation. Our goal is to alert you fast enough to enable you to manage and respond proactively in this environment.

Combined with our strategic analytic support, Breaking News will support you through any media firestorm.

Our experienced and dedicated team of researchers are continuously
checking key news sources 24 hours a day, supporting our clients in
situations as diverse as crisis management, mergers and acquisitions
and political campaigns.

Breaking News enables you, your communications team
and your senior management to stay one step ahead of the rolling agenda.

To find out how this service will benefit your organisation, contact
Jerry Ward.